Horsehair Pottery

HORSEHAIR POTTERY is originally a Native American process for firing clay pieces. The first firing is done in an electric kiln and are fired to 1800 degreesThe final firing is done in a gas kiln and the pieces are fired to 1000 degrees. The pots are removed from the kIln by using tongs. We always make sure that we are protected with leather aprons and gloves. One time I turned my head when a gust of wind came and I ended up with a reverse mohawk. The sound of my hair burning was like having a 1000 bees in my hair.

The horse hair is placed on the hot pot to burn and the carbon left behind is absorbed into the clay. Some of my pieces are sprayed with an iron and water solution that creates a burnt orange color. Some have an added extra layer of colored clay such as, green, blue or red. Others are left a natural white color. The pieces are waxed and buffed once they are cool.

These pieces are decorative only.