Working in clay is so visual and tactile that my imagination can go anywhere to create a beautiful array​ of pieces. Quickly the opportunity to turn a lump of clay into different shapes became fascinating to me. Putting my hands on the clay and combining them with the wheel and watching a form come to life is the ultimate thrill.

The shapes are chosen based on whether the piece will be functional or artistic. The decision to what type of firing will be used and how I can achieve the colors I desire for the pieces have been made by the time I touch the clay. I hope that others will feel as deeply about my pieces as I do and carry the joy that is offered through them.

My functional pieces, are used in many kitchens as they are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. The several types of bowls, casseroles, plates and trays can make your kitchen and table more beautiful than it already is.

My decorative pieces add an elegant dimension to each room they are displayed in. The unusual creative  process used to fire these pieces will start many conversations with your guests.

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