A New Season

As last year came to an end I knew that I would need to rest up and then start to prepare for 2018. Now spring is around the corner and I have been working and looking forward to the start of a new season. i cherish the people I meet throughout the year and am… Read more »


You know how we get up in the morning and know that the day ahead will be great? I get up like this most days and I am right on those days too. I’m feeling pretty lucky knowing that I get to do my passion everyday.Sitting at my wheel creating pieces or trimming them. I… Read more »


I love doing art festivals! Tonight I got back after 10 days where I exhibited at 2 Sugar Loaf shows in Maryland. There are so many wonderful things that happen when participating in shows. The first being the people you meet. Ninety nine percent of them are truly interested in your art. When you see them… Read more »

Can I use this mug for coffee? Tea? Hot Chocolate?

When I am exhibiting at an art festival, I often hear great work but is it  food safe? Can use it for my coffee tea, hot chocolate? Yes, my mugs are hand made by me and glazed with food safe. Kitchenware made in the USA are generally food safe, however, you can’t be so sure… Read more »